A Very Fine (Fixed) Link

The link I sent for 15% off on direct sales of Very Fine People was broken. Here, now, is a fixed one.

Look, A Fixed Link

Updated note: Hilariously, the "fixed" link still doesn't work once published, even though it worked just fine in the test environment. Oh well. I've got the hosting site figuring out why. In the meantime ...

Go to this page, and you'll get a workable link.

Very short email today. You know that thing where you launch your book and then one of your links is broken? Yeah, that was me yesterday.

It was a link that offered a discount for direct sales of Very Fine People.

Something about the tag that gets added to the URL to track where it comes from broke it, which it shouldn't, but it does, and who cares anyway. Let's fix it.

This link should work.

I will get a bit more dough than I get when you buy from Amazon or wherever. You will pay 15% less but still get the same book!

All the other info for signed copies etc. is still on yesterday's launch post right here.

The end!