Happy New Sletter!

A quick check-in for subscribers of The Reframe, sent from the new platform

Happy New Sletter!
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Happy New Year, my friendlies.

This newsletter hiatus of mine isn’t quite working out as expected, what with the platform it was on going away—the announcement for which came about 48 hrs. into the hiatus—leading to me scrambling to migrate my email list and archives onto a new platform before the whole Revue site turns into a pumpkin this month.

Anyway: this isn’t the end of the hiatus—which I still expect to end around the 3rd week of January, with a return to the weekly schedule, serving up political/social commentary essays and LOST recaps on alternating weeks.

I’m sending this short message out for two reasons:

  1. As a test to make sure that when I do return to weekly newsletters on Substack, everyone is getting them who wants to. There’s a heart icon at the top of this newsletter, and if you would click it that would help me know that we’re all good.
  2. Between people who were already subscribed and people who joined during hiatus before and after the migration, I just wanted to let everyone know what to expect, schedule and content-wise. So now you know, as long as you have read this far, and if you haven’t I don’t know what to tell you.

And three last things for paying subscribers:

  1. If you were subscribed on Revue, you are not a paid subscriber anymore unless you resubscribed through Substack. You ought not see any more charges from Revue. Please tell me if you do.
  2. If you want to re-subscribe payments at your previous support level, permanent coupons are available right here. Just scroll down and you’ll see them.
  3. If you have already subscribed at the Foundational Member level, you are owed a personalized signed copy of The Revisionaries, and I’ll be contacting you about that very soon. (You’ll also be getting something else, too. Stay tuned.)

OK everybody, that’s it.

Enjoy the New Year. Take it for a spin. Treat it well.

See you in a few weeks.