It's Business Time

A quarterly (and shorterly) reminder that The Reframe is supported by its readers. Have you been thinking about supporting this newsletter? Conditions might be perfect.

It's Business Time

Hey all. It’s been another quarter, which means it's time for me to send out a very short email to all my readers about supporting the newsletter, re: why you may or may not want to, and what to do if you do want to.

My model is pay what you want, which means that the discount I’m offering is 100%, and it is available year round. You can read the whole rationale for this model here if you like. The short of it is, I really don’t want people to pay if they can't afford to pay, and I know that this unfortunately the case for many people out there. So if that’s you, I’m extraordinarily honored that you spend your time reading me, and I hope to go on honoring your time by writing things worth reading, but don’t pay me anythingand I mean it.

But if you can afford to pay, you might want to. If you've been thinking for a while you might want to support my work, and conditions are perfect, then today might be the day.

I write these essays about politicsis I guess the way you’d categorize it. I try to muse about the ways that human beings are art; about the popular and respectable and barbarous spiritual crime of supremacy; about what that crime is doing to human art when its most enthusiastic practitioners take power; and about why we’d do well to not help supremacy stay popular and respectable. And I try to do it in a way that rejects the usual ways of looking at it in favor of a … well, a reframe.

I do an essay pretty much every single week (except this last week, when I was travelling for my normal job), and I work hard on them, and do my very best for whatever it is worth. Some of them are pretty good if I do say so myself, and I'm told that they help.

And then, as a palate cleanser, about once a month I recap the TV show LOST, which some of you like very much and some of you tolerate very much.

A lot of you have taken the time to tell me that some of those words takes things you feel in your hearts and gives you language for it, and I really appreciate being told that; it helps keeps me going.

Maybe you find that valuable, too, and you’ve got a spare buck or ten and some time to ball it up and chuck it in my direction. That also helps keep me going.

If you're already supporting me and would like to be a patron of my work, you could upgrade to Founding level and receive a personalized signed copy of one of my books—either my novel, The Revisionaries, which the Washington Post said might be “the weirdest novel of the year”, or my upcoming book of essays (many of them first published here in The Reframe), coming out from J. Goat Press in June 2024, called Very Fine People. It's a lot like what you read here every week, but all polished up and set in between pages. As an added bonus, you'd get thanked in the acknowledgments of any future book or any new edition of existing books that comes out while you're subscribe.

If any of this describes you, feel free to mash the button and do the thing.

And if you’d like to pay less, you can get all the coupons here.

If that’s not you, don’t worry, I still love you for reading, and you can click here just so you don't feel left out on all the button-clicking.

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Thanks again, and see you out there.